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  • Markdown-Preview…..普通のマークダウンしかだめだ。目次をサポートしてるのがgood 表は出来ない。
  • Markdown Editing…..マークダウン書くの補助。エディタ画面が白っぽく変えられて気に入らない。


    "color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Sunburst.tmTheme",


code-friendly Disable _ and __ for em and strong.
code-color (現在は廃れている Use fenced-code-blocks extra instead.) Pygments-based syntax coloring of <code> sections.
cuddled-lists Allow lists to be cuddled to the preceding paragraph.
fenced-code-blocks Allows a code block to not have to be indented by fencing it with '‘``’ on a line before and after. Based on with support for syntax highlighting.
footnotes support footnotes as in use on and implemented in other Markdown processors (tho not in v1.0.1).
html-classes Takes a dict mapping html tag names (lowercase) to a string to use for a "class" tag attribute. Currently only supports "pre" and "code" tags. Add an issue if you require this for other tags.
link-patterns これやると壊れた!Auto-link given regex patterns in text (e.g. bug number references, revision number references).
markdown-in-html Allow the use of markdown="1" in a block HTML tag to have markdown processing be done on its contents. Similar to ttp:// but with some limitations.
metadata Extract metadata from a leading '—-'-fenced block.
nofollow Add rel="nofollow" to add <a> tags with an href. See
pyshell Treats unindented Python interactive shell sessions as <code> blocks. (TODO: wiki page for this)
smarty-pants Fancy quote, em-dash and ellipsis handling similar to See old issue 42 for discussion. (TODO: wiki page for this)
toc 目次を作ってくれる The returned HTML string gets a new "toc_html" attribute which is a Table of Contents for the document. (experimental)
wiki-tables Google Code Wiki table syntax support.
xml Passes one-liner processing instructions and namespaced XML tags. (TODO: wiki page for this)








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